Our State of the Art Laser Center

Dr. Rubinstein directly supervises an additional 3,000 square foot facility to his Studio City practice. Our Laser Center provides additional space to house our numerous lasers and provides our patients the opportunity to benefit from the latest advances in dermatology. Our laser center and the innovative procedures we offer are often featured in TV productions, magazines and other media.

We have a choice in laser technology and only choose to offer most effective procedures based on clinical outcomes.* Dr. Rubinstein continuously scrutinizes new technologies that appear on the aesthetic market and only brings on those modalities that have been proven to offer safe and effective results.*

We often combine various treatments and lasers to offer a comprehensive approach to achieve the best possible results.* For example, IPL, Active FX and fillers may be used for skin rejuvenation and acne scars, while V-Beam laser and a skin care regimen may be best to address rosacea and general skin redness.*

A consultation with one of our knowledgeable consultants is the best way to learn what would be the best approach for your individual skin needs.*

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Our state of the art laser center is equipped with the following lasers and light devices to perform many applications for skin rejuvenation and treatment.

Vascular (red) Birthmarks*
Pigmented (brown) Birthmarks*
Age Spots
Leg Veins*
Facial Veins*
Aging Skin on the Hands and Chest*
Poikiloderma (Redness on the Chest)*
Red and Brown Acne Scars*
Surgical Scars*
In Combination with Levulan (PDT) for Acne and
other conditions*

Skin Tightening*
Skin Laxity*
Improve skin Elasticity*

Active FX with Deep FX
CO2 Fractional Resurfacing*
Skin Resurfacing*
Improve Wrinkles, Skin Texture, Tighten Pores*
Deep penetration for resistant Acne Scars*

Red Veins*
Vascular Birthmarks*
Port Wine Stains*
Sebaceous Hyperplasia*
In Combination with Levulan (PDT) for Acne*

Fraxel Laser
Acne Scars*
Resistant Melasma and Pigmentation*
Improve Skin Texture*
Tighten Pores*

Laser Acne Therapy with Levulan

PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT)

Actinic Keratosis*

In Combination with Levulan (PDT) for Acne*
Acne Treatment*

LightSheer XC
Laser Hair Removal*

RevLite Q-Switched ND:YAG
Tattoo Removal*
Pigmented Lesions*
Acne Scars*
Laser Peel*

RA Medical Pharos Excimer Laser

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.